Video technology and video installations have now become everyday forms of presentation in the event branch.

To put on a high-quality event, whether for show purposes, for exhibitions or for targeted presentations during conferences, the visual presentation of live images and other material will require professional video technology using various, powerful projectors, plasma displays and TFT monitors of different sizes, together with the relevant hardware, such as Seamless Switch, cabling between VGA and optical fibre and all other important technical equipment.

Video transmissions and video recordings - either for documentation purposes, for use as film clips or as live streams of your conference on the Internet - are only possible with professional camera technology. Video transmissions of "live" operations and conferences in your company or conference room can be sent via networks (LAN and optical fibre) and even via satellite.

Camera Technology

Do you need a video recording of your conference? Should the speaker be clearly seen even from the back row? Do you require an image signal of your event for an Internet live stream?

  • We can provide you with the necessary camera technology. We offer different solutions, tailored to suit your requirements:
  • Standard video cameras, ranging from MiniDV camcorders to broadcast cameras.
  • Remote-control dome cameras, which when combined with our conference discussion systems and the MIC-CCONTROL software enable a fast and optimum visual display of the speaker
  • Flexibly usable 3-CCD pan/tilt cameras for 4:3 or 16:9 format.

Direction Technology

From a simple 4-way selector switch to complex video direction: Brähler ICS offers optimum solutions for every requirement. Regardless of whether this concerns the synchronous channelling of presentations for a dual projection in several languages, the management of playback devices for a video installation or the operation of a complex camera system, we not only make with the necessary professional equipment available, but also provide you with trained and experienced personnel.

Our range of hire equipment covers all common video direction devices, ranging from small Extron-VGA switchers and seamless switchers from Extron and Kramer to video mixers (Panasonic), various interfaces and preview monitors. For unrestricted direction communication, we naturally also provide you with intercom devices and communication systems.

Video Recording

On request, we can also capture every moment of your event on video. The decision on the recording format and recording media is left up to you.

Recording equipment can be obtained from us for all formats:

  • DVD recorders
  • Hard disk recorders
  • MiniDV, Beta SP or DigiBeta recorders

Video Conferencing

Efficient communication and time management are important success factors today. To avoid unproductive travelling time and the associated costs, communication via video conferencing equipment is highly recommendable. This will enable you to make decisions from the comfort of your own office and yet still communicate personally with your negotiating partner.

Furthermore, where participants cannot make it to an event, video conferencing systems enable them not only to follow the proceedings on the screen but also to take an active part in them.

Our systems also feature connectivity that allows them to be linked up to our other conference equipment, such as conference discussion systems, interpretation systems and even the existing, in-house PA and projection technology.